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Wicked Profits

Try our options trading system that previously went 61 months with only one losing trade of 0.21% (based on real trades with real money).*


Average Monthly Return = 3.84%

Cumulative Return = 525.85%

Current Win Ratio = 82.76%

Since Inception (April of 2000)


Wicked Profits is an advisory service that uses an options trading system to pursue portfolio growth under all market conditions using two option trading strategies.

Our options trading system generates one trade recommendation each month which we pass on to you.

When you become comfortable enough with how our service works, you can then follow our recommendations and begin trading options with the brokerage firm of your choice.

Our options trading system targets small returns each month with a goal of consistency.  However, our trading system is not perfect which means you can lose money and you will experience losing months.

Each trade is closed within 15 to 35 days after entry (win or lose).  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not achieve our high win ratio and long winning streaks by holding losing trades for months or years until they turn profitable.


Service Summary

One trade per month

15 to 35 day hold time

Recommendations are posted by 10 PM EST

Exact entry and exit instructions


One trade per month equals a huge savings in commission costs while the 60/40 tax rule on broad-based stock index options can equal a huge savings on your capital gains tax with options trading compared to other investments.

We offer a feature called auto-trading which is especially great for those people that are new to option trading and wish to exactly replicate our past performance.

If you enable this feature, each entry and exit order given on this site will be automatically placed in your brokerage account by your broker.  All options trading will be done on your behalf but you will still maintain complete control over your account.  Review our FAQ for more information.


Service Benefits

Pay less in capital gains tax

Pay less in commission fees

Have your account auto-traded

Trades can be placed in an IRA

Minimum time investment required


However, if you are already familiar with option trading and you prefer to place trades on your own, you have the choice of using our clear, step by step instructions on how to enter each entry order and exit order yourself.

You do not have to worry about constantly buying or selling.  With our option trading strategies, you typically only have to enter two orders each month (one entry order and one exit order).

You do not need to update entry and exit orders each day nor do you have to follow the stock market or options market each day.

Because entry recommendations are not given intraday and because subscribers have almost 12 hours to enter a new entry order in their brokerage account, our options trading service is suitable for customers in any time zone working a full time job.**

We suggest a minimum account size of $10,000 at your brokerage firm.  However, a $15,000 account (or more) is recommended.

Since it is your brokerage account under your name at the firm of your choice, you maintain complete control over your investment capital and complete control over all options trading that occurs in your account.  We do not have access to your investment dollars nor do you deposit any money with us.


Brokerage Account Size

$10,000 minimum account size

$15,000+ account recommended


As with any type of investment, especially with options trading, you should only invest capital you can afford to lose.  Trading options is risky.

Past performance of our trading system does not predict future performance.  You can lose money trading options and the loss can be substantial but is limited to your investment when trading our recommendations.

Losing trades can occur, have occurred in the past, and will occur in the future while following our option trading strategies.

Please make sure you review our disclaimer and past performance to further understand the risks involved with our trading system.

* - Our winning streak with one losing trade represents the period of January 2005 to January 2010 and is based on actual executions by those customers auto-trading in real accounts with real money.  All trades were closed within 35 days of entry.  We never hold positions for months or years to avoid recording them as a loss.

** - Please note, in order to reduce risk, a recommendation [that has not yet been executed] may be modified or cancelled after 10 PM EST and before 9:30 AM EST the following day if the market appears to be trading much higher / lower in overnight trading compared to the previous day's closing price.  If auto-trading, the change will be executed on your behalf.


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